LETTER: Coal ash dangerous to environment; brine, plows sufficient in snow

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My name is Dave Barnes and I have called and went before the board and complained. Our county officials don’t want to hear it.
Go online and you will find mountains of information on coal ash and you will see the bad far outweighs the good. The state does not use it. The federal government does not want to label it hazardous material, because they would then be responsible for billions in cleanup and health issues.
Berny Klaus’ letter in last week’s paper hit the nail on the head as far as some of the hazards, and I can name a lot more – loose gravel and clogs in the road, tracking material into our garages and homes. It washes into our ponds, streams and lakes, dust blowing. It’s black and ugly.
I believe the use of brine and snow plows are sufficient.
The material should be contained, not spread on our roads. Is the (Environmental Protection Agency) doing their job? Voice your opinion!
David Barnes