LETTER: Consider who will keep country safe

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By The Staff

There are many issues like taxes, health care, the war, and oil prices. I think the one issue of the four that is the most important has to be the war on terrorist.

Keeping our family safe should be our main concern. So if you take a look at our two candidates for president, we need to vote for the best leader for this country to keep America safe.

I’m one not to believe everything I read or hear about the candidates we have in our presidential election this year, but somethings get my attention. There has been rumored in newspapers and online that one of the candidates has been educated at an Indonesian madrassa for a Muslim education. It is also been told he has Muslim and terrorist ties and still might have today.

So I think whether these are rumors that keep following him around and if many more are true or not, can the American people take a chance and put this candidate in office to lead our country? Where our country would be led could be no place anyone wants.

It would really be bad if these rumors ended up true and the American people were to be blamed for putting their country and family in danger. So please take this year’s election very seriously and vote for who will keep you and your family safe.

Bobby Webb