LETTER: County has more pressing issues than county clerk

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Where did Spencer Countians’ respect for each other go?
I have not even read the weekly edition of The Spencer Magnet, but I can tell you that I really don’t have to. From going to the local grocery store, dollar store, bank and hardware store, I know what it holds.
From lips of discouraged citizens to ears of discouraged citizens, I have heard enough.
To Judy Puckett and the people that work for the clerk, I apologize that you are having to go through this.
Why are these people wanting to run over her and her office staff with a train? These people are working for Spencer County and have with no doubt in some people’s minds, such as the state auditor’s yearly reviewers, done a great job.
Also, in stating the number of people that she has working in her office is too great, people evidently have not taken a look at the obligations and deadlines that this office has. Also, have you visited other county offices and seen their staff? They still have people standing in lines.
Spencer County is the fastest growing county in the state.
I really do wish that the county and city government would throw their efforts a little bit more toward issues right in front of their faces.
Houston Court residents get the same response each time we ask about our flooding problem. We have the money and are just waiting for the red tape to clear.
There are other issues at hand that the city and county elected officials need to be placing their attention on. Will the county judge and city mayor get the issue of the census resolved and report back to the public about this? Did the census bureau do the boundary line correct or incorrect? What benefits will the city not get due to this possible error? What benefits will the county get due to this possible error? Has this been checked out? Will we really have to wait another 10 years for the census to be corrected? Why was this not corrected before the report was released?
The issue of working together is not starting on a good stand either, so Judge Karrer and Mayor Pay, let’s stop avoiding the issues and start to work together with each other.
One of the main things I heard about on my journey was a comment that was stated in the paper and I do quote it word for word:
“We simply requested that (Hollan) proceed with that action,” Judge-Executive Bill Karrer said Monday afternoon. “It is her job to speak up for the citizens.”
I personally think that Ms.Hollan can do her job without comments like this being made.
Also, what has been done in the past by Democrats and Republicans that have held this office? I would dare to say the same thing or close to it.
We the citizens of the City of Taylorsville and County of Spencer do not need to read, “I wish that I had been given the opportunity to review this before it was made public.”
Oh and by the way, ask yourself the question, “Now when does my position come up for re-election?”
It does not matter how many picture opportunities you get during your term of office, people remember what you say and do.
Let’s work together, and don’t try to destroy what Richard Taylor laid off in 1799. The City of Taylorsville was developed in 1810 and then Spencer County was formed in 1824. Can you speculate what Richard Taylor or Capt. Spear Spencer and the residents of Shelby, Nelson and Bullitt counties would think about our citizenship today?
What I wouldn’t give for their lives right now.
Ellen Redmon