LETTER: The deceptive cost of liberal socialism

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By The Staff

I was talking to Phyllis Oliver recently and the conversation dealt with her intese frustration and aggravation of all the taxes she is forced to pay.

A few hours later, Mrs. Oliver made a motion at the Spencer County School Board special tax rate meeting to raise the school tax rate by 4 percent.

Oliver is a school board member, you see. Why would she act in this illogical manner? I believe she suffers from a condition affecting her perception of reality and logic. It is called socialism.

Mary Ann Carden, a school board member, also suffers from this condition. She was quoted in the Magnet as saying “all of the children deserve all we can do for them and their futures.” She stated at the meeting, “I will gladly pay $20 extra on my property tax bill for the children.”

Understand that socialists are not content to be passionate about an issue and support it with their own money. No, no, no. A liberal is not appeased unless they can forcibley take money from all people for the purpose of their issue.

It is a shame that Mrs. Carden doesn’t see fit to fix the real problems of the school system, but instead throws more of your money into a sink hole.

Some people in America have drunk the Obama kool-aid and in doing so have bought into the destructive delusion of a socialist cure all. It is just a matter of time before the reality and the ensuing consequences begin to mount. Ever heard of the new deal or the great society? How much did these cost and yet the problems are still with us?

The extension office is pursuing the purchase of new property for the purpose of building a super extension office. I attended the Nov. 13 meeting and I listened. But more importantly, I watched the players in action.

Steve Tichenor wanted to sell 2.5 acres for $400,000. Carl Sweazy wanted to sell 13 acres for $650,000. And these prices don’t include the cost of the building.

The extension office has a tax rate of 3.43 cents on real estate. The fire department has a tax rate of 5 cents on real estate. The library has just raised their tax rate on real estate to 3.5 cents.

Am I the only taxpayer questioning why these taxing districts are charging us almost as much as the fire department?

Let me be blunt, the library and the extension office are luxuries, not neccessities. How many taxpayers use these services in relation to the number of those paying taxes? It is by far an insignificant number. Most people don’t use the library and don’t even know what the extension office is, let alone use it. Regardless if the extension office moves forward, your taxes will be going up. How about your salary?

Lawrence Trageser