LETTER: Deer poachers should be punished

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I enjoy watching the wildlife we have around Taylorsville Lake. However, it is really sickening to see a young deer with a poacher’s snare around its waist, knowing the excruciating fate awaiting this young animal.

By the way, for those of you who are not aware of how a poacher dispatches (kills) the victim caught in a snare, let me enlighten you. The poacher can shoot the animal (most humane), or hit it in the head with something like a baseball bat until it is dead as the cry of a young deer being beaten to death makes much less noise than a gun shot.

In this area, the poacher, not wanting to attract attention to what he is doing, most likely will use the latter method.

The inhumane individual which is responsible for this act lives somewhere around the Highview Church Rd., Drake Ridge Rd., Houghlin Rd., or Lakeview Rd. area. I, as I mentioned before, watch the deer and know pretty much how many are around here.

I have suspected some one was taking deer out of season for some time but I couldn’t prove it until now. This isn’t the first deer they have taken.

I contacted Lieutenant Shane Carrier, one of our game wardens and explained the situation to him. Lt. Carrier in turn put me in touch with the Fish and Game Private Lands Biologist Mr. Jason Nally. Mr. Nally came to my house and observed the young deer one evening to see what could be done.

Mr. Nally said that he would submit a request from his supervisor to use a dart gun to sedate the young animal while he removes the wire snare from around its waist.

However, I spoke with Mr. Nally the following day and he informed me that his request to sedate the animal was rejected. He went on to say that the only other option will be to dispatch (kill) the young deer when the wire snare gets so tight around its waist that it impedes the animal’s ability to function in a natural way.

I would like to see the poacher responsible for this inhumane act of cruelty to be caught and given time behind bars to think about what he is responsible for.

Understand, I don’t mind legal hunting but for someone to do this is nothing short of cruelty.

I ask for the help of anyone who knows of any inhumane acts such as this to report them to one of our game wardens: Lt. Shane Carrier (502) 492-3190 or Sergeant Scott Herndon (502) 492-3166.

Unless I can find some one within the couple of weeks to help this young deer, it will become necessary to “dispatch” (kill).

What a waste.

Bill Martin