LETTER: Democracy at work

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By The Staff

Do you feel it in the air? Can you smell it? Most of all can you hear it? 

  It’s democracy at work. Never in our lifetime have we had this much interest in the political machines. No, I’m not talking about Democrats and Republicans, I’m talking about Conservatives and Liberals. The two parties have had control of the country throughout history, but both rode the fence. No one claimed to be Conservative nor Liberal. For some reason today is different, both parties have stopped being moderate anything and exploded into almost enemies of the people.

One side seems to be getting the upper hand with the people and that is conservative anything. The new conservative movement has opened the eyes, ears, and minds of Americans. (a word which some say we have no right to use) If you haven’t noticed, let me introduce you to it.

Conservatism is alive and well in the new and improved Republican Party, not necessarily because it was planned. It was forced by the very people it failed to represent the past few years. Our party lost an election to someone with NO experience, only media hype. We found ourselves asking what went wrong. Plenty! We ran a moderate against the most liberal senator on record. 2. We ignored the people it served. 3. Blamed George Bush for a war everyone voted for (including the Democrats)

I could go on, but that won’t change the past. We need to look to the future.

Conservatism is serving, not being served. It’s not taking pork money for projects you really don’t need when down the road a bridge is about to collapse. It’s about helping keep the United States of America safe. It’s about state’s rights to make decisions and it’s about your rights to live in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

The Republican Party I know needs to elect Conservatives, not the middle of the road men and women who are afraid to lose a vote because they publically stand up for immigration laws, abortion, limited government or the CONSTITUTION!

If you are not sure what the Republican Party stands for, ask.  

We have the opportunity to explain to our children why we stand up for our beliefs. Get them involved, after all, they will be running the country someday.

Just because we live in Spencer County, Kentucky doesn’t mean we can’t be heard.  

Tony Wheatley