LETTER: Deputies work for the taxpayers

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By The Staff

In response to the letter from the clearly misinformed deputies of Spencer County; The taxpayers, aka, the public would like to let the deputies know that they are not employed by Steve Coulter.  This goes for all county employees.  You work for the taxpayers.  The person your performance is judged by may authorize your pay and sign your timecard or paycheck, but it is merely a worthless piece of paper without the money that we the taxpayers back it up with and deposit regularly to cover those expenses.

I find it amusing that about half of these deputies’ careers are less than one year in the making, as well as, being born and raised here.  What does either have to do with performance on the job?  Two possible reasons one would sign their name to such a letter; you were coerced into signing it or you do not love working here enough to fulfill your sworn duty to the citizens of Spencer County.  You have either been mislead or are clearly confused that your allegiance is to the sheriff instead of the citizens of Spencer County.

 I am positive that during ANY campaign, many statements are made, many which have no relation to the truth.  This is America and as of now, we have the right to support whomever we wish and I encourage you to continue to support your choice as I will support mine.

 For the past several election cycles, I have heard from our county clerk and sheriff, “I need four more years, then I can retire.”  Since that statement is obviously untrue and not a phrase that can be used this time around, a new tactic had to be employed.  How pitiful that the statement would even be made in public that after swearing to uphold the law and serve the citizens of Spencer County, the entire force would just simply walk away from positions the citizens trusted them with.  In this economy, jobs are hard to find. 

Deputies, remember that in November when Buddy Stump wins the election, YOU made the threat.


Linda Greenwell