LETTER: Dodge over Ford?

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In reference to the article last week noting that Fiscal Court had approved two Dodge trucks for the Sheriff’s Office — a large portion of Chrysler is now owned by the Italian company Fiat. Chrysler is not even considered an American company by many these days because of the purchase by Fiat.
I understand Ford is not currently building a “police package” so the Chrysler cars I see running about town are understandable.
However, 9,000 Americans are employed by Ford Motor in Jefferson County. Many live in our community and I hope are reasonable enough not to consider the purchase of two Dodge trucks a slap in the face. I am just curious what brand trucks would be purchased if a larger number of the voting Ford family lived here in Spencer County?
Rick Devine

Editor’s note: The Fiscal Court considered prices on the Ford PI, the Ford 150, the Dodge Charger and the Dodge trucks. All were 2013 models. The Dodge trucks had the lowest cost. Also, 11 of the 14 vehicles currently utilized by the sheriff’s department are Fords. Two are Dodges and one is a Chevrolet.