LETTER: Doesn’t see need for wet vote

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By The Staff

Some things I don’t understand.  When I was growing up, people went shopping, to the movies, or most places in their Sunday best.  If my mother were going to go down town to pay a bill, she put on her best clothes.  When any article of clothing developed a hole, it could be worn around the house only, but never out in public.  If I were to step out the back door in my pajamas, both parents would have said “What are you doing? Don’t you have any pride or shame?  What will the neighbors think?”  Now I go to the grocery or to the mall and people are wearing clothes that look like they were found on a trash heap.  Children, women and men are out in their pajamas at the grocery, the mall, or where ever.  I don’t understand.

 All my life people have been proud to be FREE AMERICANS and believed America was the best country in the world.  Now I am hearing Americans say they don’t care if our country goes socialist, it would surely be better than the system we have now.  What have they been teaching in our public schools?  It certainly is not anything like I learned when I was growing up.  No one seems concerned that the government wants to take OUR money and spend it for us. Giving it to people that refuse to work and any cause they can think of.  I don’t mind helping someone who can’t work.  But to take money from me and hand it to illegal aliens, pay for someone to murder an unborn child, and many of the other things they want just dosen’t seem fair.  President Obama is ashamed to be an American.  I don’t understand why Americans would elect someone that dosen’t  like our flag, our National Anthem, our country.  Do they themselves dislike being an American so much?  Couldn’t they just move to a socialist country and let me continue to  enjoy freedom?  I just don’t understand.

 I grew up in Louisville.  Within walking distance were two small groceries and two small drug stores.  If you walked further there was a little shopping strip, and past it even further was a movie theater.  It was nice, since most people didn’t have cars then.  One could ride a city bus if needed.  I played in the alleys, ran up and down the streets and never thought about anyone doing me any harm.  I even talked to strangers.  Then someone decided our neighborhood needed a pizza restaurant, and it had to sell alcoholic beverages.  Just a year later The Green Mouse, a bar, moved in a block up the road on the corner from us. Soon other bars followed.  Running through the alleys was no fun anymore with passed out drunks lying around.  Mother would answer a knock at our door and there would be a man or woman there swaying and in a slurred speech would ask my mother for some money.  They would say they had not eaten in days, or weeks.  Mom would tell them she would not give them money, but if they would wait she would go fix them something to eat.  When word got out that a free meal was to be had at the Ralph’s house, we had different drunks several times a week. 

When my husband, daughter and I moved to Spencer County 10 years ago, it was nice to not see beer signs cluttering the neighborhood and store fronts. It seemed a lovely safe place to raise children. Now some people have decided this county needs to go wet.  They say it is to keep money in the county, to provide jobs, and that morals should not be at issue in the matter. They even try to make it sound as if Jesus would approve because he drank wine.  He also raised the dead, healed the sick, and, saved  lost souls and many other miracles.  Shouldn’t we have that going on in our neighborhoods too?  There are so many churches in Spencer County it seems that at least one of them should be doing things Jesus did instead of just being a social gathering place.  There are so many things I just don’t understand, and wanting Spencer County wet is one of them.

 God bless!


Marty Turner