LETTER: Don’t get along just to get along

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Can’t we all just get along?
You hear that stated all the time, but if our founding fathers had just all got along we would still be a British Colony. There are times to get along and times to dissent. Dissension is good, it causes thought and discussion, but some can’t discuss, they want to argue and suggest their way is the best way and there’s no need for change or you’re just negative and causing trouble. They may form a defensive circle to ward off any constructive criticism and shut you out.
At that point it may be best to remove yourself from that group because they are not open to criticism or change and the fight to stay may be long, hard and ugly.
I study why someone is called negative. Sometimes the accuser doesn’t understand what was said, doesn’t want to understand, is resistant to change, defending someone or they have an agenda. It takes time to find out their motives but sometimes it’s obvious.
My mother was an interesting person with a fiery personality, and two of her favorite expressions were, “a spade is a spade” and “sh-t or get off the pot.” Now they are a part of me.
I have been accused of being negative at times. To the contrary, I am neither negative nor politically correct, I tell it as I see it and consider it constructive criticism.
If everyone is kissy huggy and politically correct nothing changes and it’s the same old thing. When someone raises a question or offers a suggestion that is not in line with a current line of thought or operations and is accused of being negative it should raise a red flag that maybe something is not right and needs to be looked at.
Rather than call the person negative, perhaps they should look at what they are doing or saying and ask is it best. Nothing should be exempt from change in personnel or policy, and if you think you’re indispensable, you just made a gross error in judgment. There is no place for an ego trip in dealing with issues or people.
If you’re an elected official, a government employee or a volunteer involved with government and the people’s money, you should maintain high moral ethics. If you’re a private citizen and wish to be morally and ethically corrupt, that is between you, the authorities and your conscience, but do it with your own money on your own time.
I am a thinker and doer, and I like to associate with thinkers and doers that are interested in what is best and don’t “kowtow” to others “just to get along.” What is best can only be obtained by discussion and research. Seeking new paths is paramount to progress. Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean you should keep doing the same.
If you don’t seek new ways you are destined to a slow death and failure. Nothing is guaranteed and everything is at a cost. Seek your path and follow it, but always have backup plans and be open to thought and change. We are animals, but we have a brain capable of deep thought and reason, so please use it for a good cause.
Pick your battles and stand up for what you think is right. Listen to your fellow men and women and give thought to what they say. Don’t disparage dissenting opinion until you consider it deeply. Strive to understand others. Even someone you may consider a fool may have a deep valid opinion.
Carl Darnell