LETTER: Donations for WHAS Crusade for Children are put to good use

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I would like to thank everyone in the community who donated to the WHAS Crusade for Children. Some may not realize that all money donated in Spencer County stays in Spencer County.
These funds go toward a yearly grant that provides specific programs, materials, and equipment to students with special needs within our school system. The grant provides direct benefits to students and is not for administrative or general purposes.
Our wonderful firefighters, who stand at roadblocks with boot in hand, raise more than 50 percent of this money each year.
We’ve all been touched by a child with special needs, whether a relative, friend or neighbor. This is the one charity, I know without doubt, provides exactly what it says. As a special education teacher in Spencer County, I’ve witnessed first hand how these programs and various pieces of equipment can change a child’s life, making them more independent and able to exceed our expectations.
Each year when the director calls and says, “the grant was approved,” it’s like every holiday rolled into one.
Our director of exceptional child services, Jackie Risden-Smith, is then able to purchase these needed items that the school system otherwise could not afford.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to Ms. Risden-Smith for her diligent efforts in meeting the needs of this exceptional population. Her leadership and service continues to make a positive difference in Spencer County.
Kathy Fickel