LETTER: Don't force religion on others

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By The Staff

In response to a letter by Ann Waterfill New, I can’t agree with your view of Spencer County. The USA was not formed on the Christian religion, it was formed with freedom of religion and no government backed religion and for that reason we have the separation of church and state. With that goes the requirement that there is no time when one religion is espoused over another. The founders of our country professed many different religious beliefs and not always relevant to the religion to which they belonged. For that reason prayer and other Christian beliefs are not allowed in schools and some government gatherings. However, if you go to Spencer County Fiscal Court meetings you will find they open with a Christian prayer and I have no issue with that, but those of other religious beliefs may.

In God We Trust was added in 1954 long after our country was founded and is not relevant to what our country was founded on. There may be some schools or government agencies that don’t use the pledge of allegiance at the opening of class or meetings but I doubt it. The pledge of allegiance is to the USA, not to any religion.

God always has a place in those of any religion that professes a God. I have to agree that parents are not allowed to discipline their children as in the past, but sometimes that discipline was excessive. For that reason, we now have unreasonable laws and those that take advantage of those laws. Now we have more disrespect of parents and abuse of the laws because of the inability of parents to reasonable control their children and the school teachers have the same issue.

There is no town in Spencer County that has a population of 18,000, however, the county does have approximately that many. The wet dry vote was a landslide for the wet vote. Your numbers of the votes are also wrong. The vote was 1928 against and 2767 for and if you figure the percentage it is .6967835 rounded out to .70% for going wet. I call that a landslide and any reasonable person would do likewise.

I expect little changes in alcohol issues in the county when we actually get liquor for sale in the county. The problem with most zealots, religious or otherwise, is that they believe if they are against something then no one should be allowed to do it. That is rife with problems and all around us groups are trying to control others freedoms by proclaiming what they are doing is against their belief and no one should be allowed to do it. If others wish to drink alcohol it is not your concern, but it is important to follow your religious convictions and not force it on others.

To Michael Waits: Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods”. Meaning, give Caesar the money and laws of man and to God your prayers and devotion to his law. Excessive love of money or God is detrimental to your well being, both physically and spiritually. A balance of both is necessary for salvation. You can’t ignore man’s law or God’s law, it has to be a balance of both on this Earth. After death is another story.

To love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself are commendable attributes and everyone should do that. Voting to go wet has no reflection on loving God, yourself or your neighbor. Though you may not believe in alcohol consumption, it has no relationship to alcohol sales or consumption. If you believe your neighbor is doing wrong, talk to him about it. If he does not agree, then you are no longer responsible for his actions. Don’t try to force your beliefs on him, but love him none the less and give him support as he may need. That is loving your neighbor as your self.

Each person is responsible for their good deeds and misdeeds in their life time and he/she will resolve those issues in the afterlife. It is not my job, or yours, to force anyone to change their life style, but we, as Christians, should help those needing it without conditions or expectations.       

Carl Darnell