LETTER: Drivers need to slow down

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By The Staff

I live on Main Cross, the street that runs from Garrard Street through Main Street in downtown Taylorsville. I want to take this opportunity to express my distress about our local neighborhood streets concerning the safety of not only our children, but the public in general.

Living directly across the street from the playground in front of All Saints Catholic church, I see children from the local neighborhood playing at all hours of the day. Whether they are riding their bikes, playing at the park or just walking down the road, you can find our little street a busy place for bystanders of all ages.

Most recently, my wife and I have grown very concerned for the lack of safety control in downtown Taylorsville. During many hours of the day, there are cars and motorcycles that race through the streets at very dangerous speeds. On several occasions we have witnessed accounts of potential fighting, older youths occupying the park area and inappropriate behavior taking place right out in the open!

One can imagine the concern we have with a 7 year old who loves to ride her bike and play at the park. We don’t feel safe with her going outside by herself, let alone crossing the street to play with other children. Each time I hear a car zooming through the streets or a motorcycle revving his engine, we look out the window just to make sure no children are in danger.

We are furious about this! My wife stopped one police officer as he was driving down the road to mention this problem but that didn’t solve anything. One would think that traffic on a street approaching the police station and courthouse would be extremely controlled; but it isn’t. If our neighborhood streets aren’t a safe place to be a bystander, how can we justify the lack of concern our city officials have with other problems?

It would be nice to see more police activity in the area, but we would be happy to hear the city has a concern for this and wants to make some positive changes. Is it too much to ask for speed bumps and crosswalks or must we wait until something tragic happens? I eagerly anticipate some action and openly welcome further support for this much needed cause.

Michael Waits