LETTER: EDA editorial was ‘out of left field’

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The May 25 editorial was out of left field and a subtle hit job. It reminds me of a politician sitting on a fence. It is no wonder, the individuals didn’t put their names on it. No doubt, Shannon Brock was a driving force in it.
Unlike past good ole boy officials, who make their minds up about an issue and refuse to listen to reason, Judge Bill Karrer is open to new arguments and information right up until a vote. Karrer doesn’t need to change his mind in front of friends, or send an amber alert because his position changed. Karrer may have supported the institution of EDA, but not the staff. You cannot make assumptions on face value involving complicated issues.
EDA hasn’t complied with my open records requests and has been illusive about its operations without producing much firm evidence of its successes. Has the EDA engaged in deceptive tactics?
If the EDA staff was committed to promoting the mission statement of EDA, why did they not step down when asked to resign? The private sector demands that when an organization is failing, changes in leadership must be made. I understand this is a strange concept in Spencer County. It would seem EDA members care more about their personal power and benefits, than the institution’s success. Thus, Karrer’s decision.
If you’re looking for fair and honest dialogue, here it is: Ending EDA is not about Republican or Democrat, male or female. This is not about a personal vindicta, simply business 101. EDA Director Annette King is paid a good salary and benefits and should have produced a return of equal or greater value to the sum of all monies invested in EDA. There is no evidence to suggest the dynamics will change, period.
While the editorial staff is not willing to take a firm position, those of us who are informed and do our research have known EDA should have been ended years ago. Contrary to David Goodlett’s comments [in the Spencer Magnet], the sun will rise tomorrow and life will go on without EDA.
The Spencer Magnet is always a day late, a dollar short and most times totally missing in action when it comes to the political pulse of the county.
If kicking the can down the road is what you call problem solving journalism, shame on you. The locals have been doing this their whole lives.
Are EDA board members like Young, Eisenback, and Driscoll feeding off the backs of hard-working taxpayers? I suppose Mike Driscoll was point right on, when he said he has personally seen the positive effects of the EDA. One only needs to look at his spirits store to understand.
Hope and change? Forget about the hope, change is in your face and being implemented.
This backwoods place called Spencer County is being brought into the 21st century. If you don’t like it, perhaps moving to Pineville would be a viable option.
Lawrence Trageser