LETTER: Encourage elected officials to be fair

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The recent removal of Elmar’s BP sign was requested by planning and zoning using an ordinance that had been superseded by a new law approved by fiscal court and is no longer in existence.
Is this the change we requested? Why did you and I make the decision to have Elmar’s BP sign taken down? I ask you because the removal was under the direction of a Spencer County/Taylorsville government agency. That agency was acting on our behalf.
I am willing to take the responsibility for my part of this and have expressed my heartfelt regrets to Elmar’s, the members of the fiscal court and the county judge-executive.
I have requested that they correct this action and if you are in agreement, I am requesting that you do the same. The county judge’s number is 477-3205, and I am sure he will be glad to express to you his position on this matter.
We elected this government calling for change. If we do not speak up, the judge and members of the [fiscal court] may mistakenly assume this is the type of change we demanded. Make your calls and write your letters as soon as possible.
Bobby Smith

(Editor’s note: A new sign ordinance is currently being drafted by the planning and zoning commission, but it has not yet been brought before or approved by the fiscal court. According to the planning and zoning administrator, the proposed amendment to the ordinance regarding provisions governing commercial districts would not supersede the current sign regulations.)