LETTER: Entertaining on the taxpayers dime

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By The Staff

It goes without saying that the current activities of our county judge has created a cloud of sadness that covers the legacy of our community statewide.  One would think that we are the laughing stock of the Commonwealth, but no one is laughing.

 If there is any taxpaying citizen in Spencer County that is not 100 percent angry, that person needs to be committed to an insane asylum.  I will refer to Judge Jenkins as Mr. Jenkins from this point in time because I can not fathom addressing him as judge.  He no longer deserves that distinction.

Mr. Jenkins chooses to hide from the press and retreat from the cameras.  When one does that he or she might as well have “guilty” tatooed across his or her forehead. It is certain he will “deny until he dies,” as all politicians do. The truth speaks a power that can not be hidden.

 I ask what are the odds that he would be having a meal and drink in Lexington on whatever day and the so called “identity thief” that stole his credit card number would be in the same city, on the same day and at the same time.  Vegas would list as a one in ten million odds.  Please Mr. Jenkins don’t insult the intelligence of the taxpayers that elected you.  The taxed-out-the-nose taxpayers of the county elected you to conduct the county’s business, not have a four-year party at their expense.

Let’s move on to Archibald’s and Fast Eddie’s Billiards, a bar, pool hall, and gentlemen’s club.  For those that do not know what a gentlemen’s club is, it is a place where women dance nude and sit on men’s laps for money.  They call it lap dancing. Did you have a lap dance or two at the taxpayers expense, Mr. Jenkins?  If you did I want my 2008 property tax reimbursed.

Readers please sit back and hold on.  When Mr. Jenkins said he only went to the pool hall, I almost puked.  I went to the web page and for your information:  Phone number of Archibald’s is 202-638-6800 with an address of 1520 K Street N.W., Washington D.C. If you want to go to their web page go to:  www.archibalds.com. and just see where our  leader hangs out.

Make sure no teenagers are near your computer because this might give them aspirations of running for office in the future. I called the establishment and a bartender told me the girls have been known to dance on the pool tables. He had his own thoughts about another politician being caught.

Taxpayers need to call and ask Mr. Jenkins if this is an appropriate place to spend taxpayers’ monies.  I am sure he will refer to KACo money as not being taxpayers’ monies.  Excuses, cover-ups, denials, and lies must be a genetic thing when it comes to politicians. If you need proof of KACo’s credit card being taxpayers’ monies go to a Lexington Hearld article, “Wild Spending Worthy of Outrage,” noting it is your tax monies.

During a recession and an economy that has dropped dead and is on life support we find the arrogance of our leader to spend our monies on booze, brew and barbecue.  Also, we must note we have thousands of people losing their jobs and homes.  When our judge was on his $20,000 taxpayers’ spending spree, was he thinking of those that are struggling to put food on the table.  Hell no, is my opinion. I was told today he charged a $700 meal on the credit card and I have to wonder what the dessert could have been.

I told someone today that Mr. Jenkins had stabbed the taxpayers of Spencer County in the back, but no, he looked us all right in the eye and stabbed us in the heart.  Mr. Jenkins was elected to represent each man, woman and child of this community and we all have been embarrassed and shamed by the recent news.

Mr. Jenkins is elected every four years and then he disappears from the face of the earth. There are people that are going to ask for open records on each credit card expense and it will serve the same as a global tracking device.  It will tell where he was and when. Needless to say, it wasn’t in Spencer County where he was elected to do a job.

 We have a fiscal court of four fine people and quality public servants. We also have one that is a potential political disaster if elected in the future.  The only mistake they made was to let friendship get in the way of responsibility.  When elected to office you leave friendship at the door. Our leadership has taxed us with an occupational tax and an insurance tax, that over time will be proved was not even needed.  UNBELIEVABLE.  

 In closing, it has been said that the true personality of a person can be hidden only so long. I encourage the readers of this correspondence to go to the previously mentioned web page.  Is it hand on the Bible time?  Have you ever smelled burning flesh?

There are far more than 10 reasons for Mr. Jenkins to resign from office, but my top ten are (and don’t forget this is taxpayers’ monies): (1) Wildcat Liquors (2) Night Owl Showroom, Hooters Casino (3) numerous strip joints listed by charges, (4) Makers Mark Lounge, with $700.46 for one meal; come on, (5) favoring the special interest over the people  (6) This pub - That pub, (7) taxpayer abuse, (8) race tracks and casinos (9) continued entertainment, and (10) putting himself before the public.

Change is Coming - Vote 2010.

 Ronald “Woodie” Cheek