LETTER: Family saddened by a recent SCYBA decision

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By The Staff

I am writing this letter in response to a recent decision made by the “new” officers of the Spencer County Youth Baseball Association (SCYBA). 

Many of you know my husband Doug Lambdin, whether it be from youth football, youth basketball, or church, but most of you know him from youth baseball.  Although he has helped with and coached football and basketball, most of his time over the past 6 years have been spent on the baseball fields of Spencer County. 

Doug started coaching with SCYBA when our son was 5 and in t-ball. Since then, he has coached in this league every year moving up to coach pitch, machine pitch, and then to kid pitch.

In between Spring leagues, he has spent time getting kids together to form teams to play Fall ball; this having to be in other counties due to the fact that our fields don’t have lights. He found leagues and he kept our kids playing even in the off season. He also served as all star coach for the last 4 years starting when our son was 7 with a record of 5w-25L and ending with a 10U 2008 District title under his belt (1st time ever in SCYBA history) and a record of 24w-4L.  A huge improvement! 

But that’s not all, during these 6 years in the league, Doug served as an officer on the board for 5 years, being president for the last two. During his time as president, he continued to coach and help make great improvements to the league and fields. He spent endless days and countless hours at the park.  He would go directly from work every day to the park, whether our children were playing or not, to make sure fields were ready for play, get equipment out, and most days, open the concession stand.  He would get up at daybreak every Saturday morning to make sure every field was lined and ready to be played on.

Some improvements that were made during his time as president are, fields were covered with a mixture to help with rain outs, sod was laid, trenches and drains put in, a new complete field built, and dugouts covered and concreted. I’m sure there is a lot that I’m forgetting.

 This year he had decided to step down as president, feeling that this position was taking to much time away from coaching and family. He still wanted to be involved but in a less demanding position. It was a tough decision; afraid of the direction the league would take, but he wanted to make family and coaching once again a priority.

This weekend we were completely devestated to find out that the “new” officers of SCYBA had voted NOT to let Doug coach in their league this year. How does this happen to someone with the kind of love and dedication that Doug has for this league and the kids in it?!?

We feel as though a bomb has been dropped on our home and destroyed everything that we have helped build over the last 6 years. Due to SCYBA’s decision, they have hurtfully forced us to remove both our children out of this league that we have loved and played in since t-ball and take them to another county to play receational ball.

I am deeply saddened and completely devastated that it has come to this.


Tracy Lambdin

Elk Creek