LETTER: Fiscal Court should spend our tax money wisely

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I read in The Spencer Magnet this week that we had a lot more foreclosures. Have we ever asked ourselves what causes all of this bankruptcy and foreclosures? Could it be our tax structure is so high, we do not have enough money to meet our obligations?
Now lets take a look at our tax structure from the federal government down to our local government. In the federal government, we have income tax, social security tax, federal excise tax, federal gas tax, and it is hard to say how many taxes I have missed called hidden taxes. In our state government, we have real estate tax, property tax, personal property tax, sales tax, usage tax, gas tax, and probably many other hidden taxes. In our local government taxes, we have property tax, personal property tax, occupation tax, insurance tax, school tax, utility tax, library tax, fire tax, extension tax, health tax and soil conservation tax. As we look at all the taxes we pay, it is easy to see we have very little money left to pay for the necessary things we need, including our homes.
I went before Fiscal Court and asked for a tax cut and some of the magistrates agreed that they should give a tax cut. When we elected this new administration, I believe most of us thought it would be different from the old one, which raised our taxes through the roof. But after almost two years, we see not a conservative government, but one who is trying to find ways to spend our tax money.
Through it all we see a businesswoman in our clerk’s office, Lynn Hesselbrock, who has brought that office out of the dark ages. In just seven months, she has returned over $300,000  back to the county in excess fees. It makes one wonder what happened to all those fees before she took office, and we ask the Fiscal Court to use this money wisely. And for sure, our clerk has nothing to do with the way Fiscal Court spends money. I just hope they will take a good look at the way they use our tax money.
C.L. Glasscock