LETTER: Former sheriff’s indictment not a top story

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As one of your readers, I find it disturbing that you actually choose the indictment of former Sheriff Steve Coulter as [a top] news story for 2011.  This was a classic case of “making a mountain out of a mole hill.”
Out of all the hype and efforts to discredit and intimidate a man who served his community with honesty and integrity, it all came down to him leaving office two days early.  Really? What a waste of tax dollars.
It does not take a great deal of thoughtful deliberation to determine whose integrity should be questioned in all this, and it is not the “former” sheriff either.
What your paper should consider doing is a story on all the good things former Sheriff Coulter and his staff did for their community when they were in office. Of course it would not be as inflammatory and may not stoop to the standards that we so often see in tabloids and sources that call themselves “news.”
Yet the total facts (if printed) would reveal the actual news and stories that show true commitment to the community of Spencer County.
Write about how the former chief deputy initiated a Shop With a Cop program for needy children at Christmas. Coulter’s administration also started the first school resource officer program in Spencer County, the first Block Watch program and the first meth lab awareness program.
There were also many other things that they did while expecting no credit in return. Coulter or his chief deputy would get up at all hours of the night to pick up a deer that had been hit and deliver it to families that needed food. They did all these things at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers of Spencer County while the current sheriff has increased the budget.  
If your paper wants a story, print one about integrity and character. Print one about a politician who did not hold his position for personal gain, but held it as a form of respect for his community and based on family values. That would be my challenge to your paper.
Gerald Bates
Lebanon Junction