LETTER: Get to know Taylorsville Place before making ‘ignorant’ comments

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I am writing this in response to The Spencer Magnet article from Oct. 5, back page, “Citizens heard at public hearing.” I am a resident of Taylorsville Place, and have lived there since August. As everyone else that lives in Taylorsville Place Apartments, I went through a very lengthy and detailed screening process in order to qualify to become a resident. It was all worth it in the end because now I get to enjoy living in a very well-managed, beautiful community.
After reading last week’s article, I felt I must respond to the ignorant comments that were made and published from this public hearing. I say ignorant because these are obviously people that lack the knowledge or awareness of the Taylorsville Place community.
Someone commented that we didn’t need to bring in more poverty. First of all, why do you think that my home will “bring in poverty?” Do you realize that most everyone that was fortunate enough to qualify to be a resident of Taylorsville Place was born and raised here? I don’t think this community is the avenue for bringing in poverty.
I think our economy as it is today is the cause for the poverty that is occurring all over the place and not just in Taylorsville. Hard working Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their livelihood.
Creating a community like Taylorsville Place provides these hard working Americans a beautiful home in a beautiful community while they are trying to get back on their feet. Have you actually traveled through Spencer County to see some of the other communities that are out there? Spencer County is full of a vast array of socioeconomic communities, the communities that are visible from the main roads are wealthy, but if you look deeper into the county you will see that definitely some of them are not.
One of the ignorant statements made during this meeting was that the people living in the Taylorsville Place community do not have jobs. I can tell you that I am a Spencer County school bus driver and I drive through this community every day.
I get to see all of the houses in Spencer County that are being foreclosed on. I get to see the good and the bad of Spencer County, and I can tell you that the Taylorsville Place community is definitely one of the good parts of Spencer County. Everyone that lives in the Taylorsville Place community has a story to tell as to how they came to become a resident.
One very well respected elderly and disabled member of the community that just passed away, Mr. Brewer, was a Taylorsville Place resident.
In my case, I probably have better credit than most of the people that attended the public hearing, but I chose to live where I live because I am a single mother that does not want the responsibility that goes along with owning a home. A house does not make a home. My home has been created in the Taylorsville Place community.
I am 39 years old and I have worked since I was 14. I’ve had two jobs at one time in my life. Before I became a school bus driver 11 years ago, I worked for a Fortune 500 company. I made a career change for my family at the time.
Taylorsville Place is a safe community. I walk my dog at nights around my community. I sit outside at nights. My daughter comes home at different times during the night after she gets off from work. I see our elderly residents enjoying a peaceful evening on their porch. I have never encountered anything that would make me “terrified” to live in this community.
Others stated their property value would go down if they tried to sell their homes. I would venture to say that your problems in selling would be this community as much as the economy in and of itself.
The developers of the Taylorsville Place community did a wonderful job in creating an aesthetically pleasing community, a clean, safe and friendly community for its residents to enjoy.
And in response to the quote, “Once a cow is loose, you can’t put them back in,” I would say you need to moo’ve over and learn how to be a good neighbor.
I invite anyone to come and see how nice my home is.
How many people in Spencer County actually came to the open house that Taylorsville Place put on to check out the neighborhood?
Before you judge or come to ignorant conclusions, always make sure you educate yourself.
Tracy DeVore