LETTER: Give David Floyd two more years

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I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my supporters, and all voters, to vote for David Floyd for Kentucky state representative.
It is so important today to keep a voice for conservatism representing our interests in Frankfort. It is more important than ever, since conservatives, in the form of republicans, are within six seats of gaining control of the House of Representatives, which would mean that many of the issues David Floyd has been fighting for would be heard and brought to the floor for a vote.
We have been led in Frankfort by the democratic party for most of our lifetimes, and our current spending levels and negotiated pensions are unsustainable. We must bring a change in the leadership in Frankfort and not change our local representation from republican to democrat now.
David Floyd has done an excellent job representing us, and being accessible to us, during his time in Frankfort. He has been working toward establishing conservative values in Frankfort such as term limits, pension reforms, right to life (ultrasound) bills, and applying common sense to many others. He needs two more years and a republican majority to fulfill these visions, and then I feel certain that he will honor his vision of term limits and pass the torch, then finding other ways to serve his community.

Donna Pegago
Coxs Creek