LETTER: Glasscock left his mark on the community

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The first time we met C.L. Glasscock was down at his sawmill/homestead. We were there to buy a bit of specialty lumber for the fireplace mantel in the home we were building in Spencer County. His wife, Roberta, introduced us to him as Junior so he has been Junior Glasscock to us ever since.
During that first meeting, Junior regaled us with stories of cutting wood throughout the county and knew exactly where we were building our home as he had, according to him, “Cut about a jillion fence posts up there.”
We found the lumber we wanted and when Junior quoted us the price, we immediately grabbed for a wallet rather than checkbook and gave him the exact amount he was asking.  We didn’t want him to have to make change or wait for us to write a check as we were sure that he had made a mistake in the quote. It wasn’t until we had a few more business dealings with him that we began to realize that he was charging us what he considered a fair price and nothing more. Considering our desire for a specific piece of wood and his knowledge that we had come to him for that wood, he could have charged us double or even triple and we would have paid it. This is testament to his extreme honesty.
Junior was so down to earth and so warm and friendly (even inviting us to have a sandwich with him when we showed up during lunchtime) that we had no clue we were in the presence of a local celebrity. This became evident to us whenever we would encounter him and Roberta at various civic gatherings or political events.
Junior was also as at home with the power brokers in state and federal government as he was with the citizens of Spencer County. He could, and often did, bend the ear of those elected to either state government or even the United States Senate.  
Junior was opinionated and would share with whomever he encountered his views on politics or religion. One would not have to ask, simply listen. He was unapologetically Christian and shared his faith with everyone.
Surely he is in heaven, wearing his bib overalls and holding his Bible, telling Jesus about once cutting a jillion fence posts.
Patty and David Davis