LETTER: Grays Run flooding more frequent

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By The Staff

Once again the water is over Grays Run Rd. in front of my house from the bridge past the curve so I do not know how far it goes.  This used to happen about once every 10 years and now is happening once every 18 months. 

No doubt my and the house next to me culverts should be once again replaced.  Now on a Sunday this is not too bad but during the week many people travel this state road to get to work, using it as a short cut.

I am sure that the increase in flooding has to do with the creek filling up with debris over the years.  I realize this is not a major road and we are not the only road in Spencer County that has this problem. 

The thing is this: why can not Fiscal Court make a list of state highways in the county that have flooding on a regular basis and a list of county roads that have flooding on a regular basis, list them by priority (most travel first and so on) and then work on getting these problems solved. 

Of course to accomplish this our leaders would have to agree on a list that might not have their favorite road as top priority and then be willing to go to Frankfort and speak with one voice.

These are the kinds of things that Fiscal Court should be dealing with and solving.  Grays Run may not be first on the list but sooner or later I along with everyone else will get relief.


Teresa E Winkler