LETTER: Guilty before proof shown

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By The Staff

I thought our system is innocent until proven guilty. David Jenkins said he was not in or near the places the credit card charges were made that he is contesting. It tells me a lot about a person that wants to publicly condemn someone before all the facts are in. I have to question the reason that person is doing that, for what gain are they doing it. Do they have proof that no one knows about. I certainly hope people like that don’t serve on jury duty. The poor defendant would be charged guilty before the trial.

When the President of KACo takes people out for entertainment, the places they go and the cost of the event is strictly between the president and the board that controls costs. It is true that sometimes too much is spent to entertain clients and some places are not the places some of us would go. If we have an issue with a person and their expenditures, it should be taken up with the agency they serve on, not in the paper. At least until after every avenue is exhausted. I don’t condone excessive spending but it’s not our job to regulate what is spent or where, but we can complain to the person and the agency, be it governmental or private.

I am for giving David Jenkins the benefit of the doubt for now and let them find out what has happened. It’s not whether I like Mr Jenkins or not, it’s what is fair to him and KACo and I think any condemnation should be put aside until we know what happened.

Carl Darnell