LETTER: Health care law won’t bring about ‘end of days’

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While flipping through my town paper and enjoying the stories about the county fair and advice on students returning to school, I then came across a little piece about the apocalypse.  
Nope, not those loony people who believe in the Mayan Calender or Y2K survivalist, but some man who goes with the old fire and brimstone approach that (somehow?!?) the Supreme Court ruling on the health care law will bring about the end of days.  
First of all, I’m not sure why such fire and brimstone fear-mongering is in my local paper and is given even more ink than the pleasant, logical column written by Jon Rohr just above it.
Secondly, the writer of this fear-piece doesn’t even explain why the health care decision is the final straw that will and bring about Armageddon. He writes a short paragraph about two Supreme Court decisions and then writes nine paragraphs where he either speaks about vague ‘evils’ or copies and pastes quotes from scripture. But he never once connects them to just why the world is so evil, so doomed.
I can draw the link between Roe v. Wade and what he’s saying, but he never once explains what is so evil about health care that it will inspire the fallen angel’s legions to rise.   
Thirdly, this sort of extreme ethnocentric thinking confirms a stereotype that a lot of people have about Americans. We represent 4.47 percent of the world’s population, but somehow it is only our actions that will bring about the wrath of God on earth. Somehow I don’t think the other six or so billion people on Earth much care about the United States’ health care laws.
Also, the vast majority of Christians are not American, either. So Obamacare doesn’t really have much to do with them, does it?   
Fourthly, it’s hypocritical at best. Because I’m sure those who are so against government health laws have refused all Medicare assistance because they do not support such a shameful, sinful system. Nor would anyone in their families take advantage of any of the popular aspects of the Health Care Law, I’m sure.  
Please keep such nonsense out of my paper. If I wanted to hear another person moan about how the world (which is somehow only America) is going to hell in a handbag, I can go to any bar on a Tuesday afternoon.
Brian Stephenson