LETTER: Heartfelt thanks

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By The Staff

I am a relatively new resident of Taylorsville and would like to pass on some good news in this time of bad news for many.

When the winter storm hit us last week, our power went out. It left us with no heat or way to cook our food. My wife and I were getting concerned and cold. The loud speaker which we heard telling us of the shelter at the hight school was great.

I did not know many of our local city, county and state officials prior to Wednesday. but at the shelter, I got to see them all at work together - key word “together”.

At all hours of the day and night, the EMS, fire, police, city, and county employees worked to help all the people they could.

Their main concern was not who got the credit but how to help more people and how to reach them.

One county official was overheard on the phone saying, “Don’t bother me with Superbowl party details, I have thousands of people in need of immediate help!”

The shelter offered new cots, new blankets, good hot food, nurses, and great leadership.

Our stay at the shelter was an eye-opener. We take our hats off to everyone that gave of themselves for people they did not know.

Heartfelt thanks.

Richard and Sue Johns