LETTER: Hesselbrock brings accountability to the clerk’s office

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The elections are just a few weeks away and while the national media may be hyper-focused on the presidential race, voters in Spencer County have an equally important race to consider.
In Kentucky, the County Clerks are responsible for seeing to fair and honest elections, locally and all the way up to the presidential elections we hear so much about. It is important that the County Clerk be honest, thorough and above reproach.
The current Spencer County Clerk, Lynn Hesselbrock, is running against Abbigail Nation, the former deputy clerk under Judy Puckett, for the position of Spencer County Clerk.
Judy Puckett’s term as County Clerk was wrought with claims of funds mismanagement. In fact, the state auditor, a fellow democrat, did an audit of the Spencer County Clerk’s office and filed a report detailing mishandling of money, co-mingling of funds, and tens of thousands of dollars that never made it to the citizens of Spencer County because of this mismanagement. Puckett resigned after the audit.
So what do Puckett’s problems have to do with this current race for Spencer County Clerk?  Abbigail Nation was the deputy county clerk under Puckett. From that highly-placed position we have to wonder: 1) was she complacent in the misdeeds of the office or 2) was she naïve?  Either way, shouldn’t a person second in command be held accountable?
Since her appointment to the position of county clerk, Hesselbrock has improved the operations of the clerk’s office and maintained a standard of accountability not seen in years under the previous county clerk.
She manages expenses within her budget and is accountable with money collected on behalf of the citizens.
An intangible endorsement of the current County Clerk’s office, though, would come from those who visit the court house for motor vehicle license plates.
The scowls and frowns have been replaced with a refreshing attitude of helpfulness and pleasantries. While renewing plates was always accomplished, it sure is nice to be greeted with a smile when having to write a check for renewals.
It is time to give Hesselbrock a vote of confidence and return her to the position of Spencer County Clerk.

Patty Davis