LETTER: Hesselbrock 'the obvious choice'

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By The Staff

The election is less than two weeks from now and the people of Spencer County will cast their important vote for the future direction of the city and county. Their vote will be a decision on which way we want to proceed. Our county will be challenged by the changes that are happening all around us. I ask myself, do we want to continue along the same direction or do we want to inject some new ideas and energy into our local government?

My decision for the office of County Clerk is to vote for Lynn Hesselbrock. I have known Lynn for a number of years. She is an energetic and dynamic person who is engaged in the county. She will not be afraid to update the Clerk’s office with new services and technology that will enhance the convenience of the customer. I know her to be a hard working and dedicated person who will devote the time necessary in order to give us the first class service we deserve. And I know her to have the heart of a true public servant. Her stated goal is to offer the best customer service possible.

In my mind, Lynn Hesselbrock is the obvious choice to move us forward to face the challenges to our county.

Karen Patterson