LETTER: High speed Internet should be available county-wide

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Some may find it hard to believe that in our community, less than 30 minutes from the largest city in Kentucky, there are many places where high speed Internet is not available. It is not even an option in my area.
While high speed Internet access was once considered a luxury, or something for entertainment purposes only, it has now evolved into one of the most used means of communication.
Our school system has a very informative website. Features such as the parent portal are a valuable tool in checking on your student’s progress and communicating with teachers. Study Island is a website that teachers often recommend students visit, and sometimes kids are even given assignments they can do at home on this site. These tools are rendered virtually useless if you try to use dial up Internet access. Teachers often send emails if they have parents’ email addresses. If any of these emails have an attachment, chances are the parents cannot open it.
In addition to creating an education hurdle, the lack of high speed Internet also hinders activities such as looking for employment, submitting resumes and a number of other uses that most of Americans take for granted.
I have checked into all the Internet options for my area. The only option other that dial up is a satellite provider. After researching their customer feedback, I have been urged to stay with dial up until something better comes along.
I encourage everyone who has an interest in receiving a high speed Internet option in their neighborhood to contact your local service providers, such as AT&T and Insight, as well as your local, state and national government officials.
Thank goodness for our local library. Although not as convenient as home, it provides very good Internet access for those who need it. But traveling to the library every time you use the Internet isn’t a viable option to most people.
Missy Bentley
(Spencer County)