LETTER: Hire veterans to secure our schools

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After the horrible shooting in Newtown, Conn., we must secure our schools. Our society has grown more violent [and we] need to protect our children. Having trained staff in our schools, as done in Israel, is the only way to buy those two or three minutes for extra law enforcement and medical care to arrive.
America has thousands of unemployed veterans that need jobs and have put themselves at risk for this country, they would do so for our children in a heartbeat. Israel had a similar problem, armed teachers who were veterans solved the problem. That should be the goal.
Until then, provide funds for our law enforcement to secure our schools, gradually hire veterans for whatever job, that are trained in firearms tactically, and with advanced first aid skills.
This will send a message to the gunmen, no gun zones at schools are no longer free fire zones.
Our children would have greater safety and our veterans jobs worthy of their sacrifice.

John D. Fleming