LETTER: As I see it

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Signs not a good use of occupational tax

By The Staff

Mayor Don Pay presented his “State of the City” speech last Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Mayor Pay indicated in that speech that the occupational taxes that the city has been collecting will pay for new “welcome” signs at all four entrances to the city as well as street signs, stop signs and other directional signage that will resemble the new signs located on Main Street that were funded by the Main Street renovation grant.

As I see it – in this time of economic hardship, when our Federal, State and local elected leaders are telling all of us that “we” (meaning us lowly peons and certainly not the elected “royalty”) have to cut back, tighten our belts and do without, that this type of extravagant spending is absolute nonsense! What good will it do the city to get all gussied up if the floodwall doesn’t pass the certification, necessary repairs and renovations to the floodwall aren’t done and it eventually fails? If the purpose of the occupational tax was to fund projects like this, which certainly are NOT necessary, then it’s time to repeal the tax and give everyone their money back. If I lived within the area surrounded by the floodwall, I would be (excuse my language) mad as hell! It’s time that our local, state, and federal governments learned to live within their means just like the rest of us!

Shari Heun