LETTER: 'Impressed' with Bill Karrer

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By The Staff

I am Linda Greenwell.  When I moved to Spencer County in 1992, I met Bill Karrer and was impressed with his knowledge of government, the political process as well as his eagerness and willingness to work hard for the county without benefit of an elected office.  His goal was not a job, but a better operating county government and improved community in which to live and raise his family, while benefiting the families of his friends and neighbors.

Bill’s vision and initiative led him to work with Bell South in order for the citizens of Spencer County to make phone calls to Shelby, Jefferson, Bullitt and Nelson counties without having to pay long distance charges.  Prior to Bill’s involvement, EVERY call placed outside the 477 exchange was long distance.  Thank you, Bill.

Bill had the vision and initiative to work with Louisville Gas and Electric to bring natural gas to Spencer County and Taylorsville for the slight cost to the entire county of $150,000.  Thank you, Bill.

County government did not have the foresight or vision to see that the natural gas would have brought businesses to our community creating jobs and a better tax base in which to provide benefits to the citizens of Spencer County. County government would not spend the money and let this opportunity pass us by.   (County government paid nearly that to care for confiscated dogs which, in the end, were returned to the owner.) 

Bill’s pre-planning and frugality, over ten years ago, brought him to seek low cost or no cost land on which to build the “new” elementary school.  Indeed, he did find that no cost land just off a new, straight four lane highway, sewers already in place.  Thank you, Bill.

Not wanting to wait the time to let the process happen, land was instead purchased on one of the most curvy and narrow roads in the county. A good portion of the budget and a great deal of time was spent on preparing the land on which to build that school. Another quarter million dollars was spent to run sewers to the site. Today, the children of Spencer County travel that narrow, curving road five times a week due to lack of vision.

Bill does not give up easily. In his vision, he sees the need for more schools and continues his quest for no or low cost land on safe roads for our children to be educated.  He has worked with Senator Tapp during this last general assembly session, and a law was enacted to allow long term land lease agreements from other government entities, removing the need for land to be purchased. Thank you, Bill.

Our county judge and fiscal court operate in a manner that reminds me of the 3 monkeys: Their hands on their ears; Citizens, they do not hear you.  Their hands over their eyes;  Citizens, they have no vision.  Their hands over their mouths; Citizens, they will not tell you what they have been doing and refuse to apologize for their actions.

I can add a 4th monkey to that barrel: Their hands out, palms up; Citizens, we want more tax money.

People, people, people!  We need a new team with a great leader!  Bill Karrer is a good listener with good vision and is open about his actions.  Bill Karrer is the man who will operate openly and honestly, providing our county with clear and great leadership!  

Yes, I work on his campaign and I just told you why.  Won’t you too join us in making Spencer County an improved community in which to live?  Vote for Bill Karrer for County Judge Executive.


Linda Greenwell

Elk Creek