LETTER: It’s the law

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By The Staff

I want to echo Ms. Biggs’ call to report violations of the Spencer County ordinance on the humane treatment of dogs.  Did you know that continuous chaining of a dog is against the law?  It’s against the law if you don’t have adequate shelter to protect a dog against elements like extreme cold, hot… It’s against the law to let your dog live in its own waste; they must be in a relatively clean, healthy environment.  It’s against the law not to regularly provide your dog clean, fresh water and food.  Did you know the law actually states that you must provide some social interaction and physical activity for your dog?  There is an ordinance that lays out the humane treatment of animals and it’s the law.  How is the law enforced?  Humane, compassionate human beings must report violations.  Violations can be reported to the Spencer County Humane Society one of the few given “legal” authority to act on behalf of the dog warden (the County Sheriff).  What baffles me is why people who treat their dogs in such despicable ways, as described by Ms Allen’s letter, even have a dog; it’s obvious they don’t love the dog, they can’t even like it to treat it so inhumanely.  If you don’t have the money, time, or compassion to treat your dog in a humane way, then find someone who will—there are plenty of rescue groups and even foster homes for dogs, and of course there are local shelters; while the latter is not always an appealing option, it’s better than the way many dogs live today…alone, chained or penned up with no social interaction, and living in their own waste.  Please take the time to be the voice for dogs who can’t speak for themselves.

Donna Lucchese