LETTER: Just what is our future?

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By The Staff

There is a small article in the January, 2009 Reader’s Digest, on page 20 (I always wondered how you could come out with something the year before). It is under a little heading ‘Money’.

It reads:

“Some new ideas floated by U.S. economists and experts, gathered by the Washington Post.

• Have states suspend their sales tax.

• Boost home sales by lowering mortgage rates to 4 percent.

• Recalculate mortgage terms when values in an area fall 20 percent.

• Pump $20 billion a week into the economy by suspending Social Security payments by workers.”

My question to ‘suspend their sales tax’ is how will the states be able to do all the stuff they do, if there is no income? Raise the cigarrette and gasoline tax? How is Big Brother Government going to provide everything we need, if they do away with the sales tax?

And ‘Suspending Social Security payments by workers’... Isn’t that how we old retired folks get our Social Security checks that we put into the retirement pool all the years we worked?

Isn’t that what the kids now are paying into to be able to retire when they are old? Should young people be putting money aside even more for their retirement years? Where should they put it, in stocks, bonds, the bank, or under the bed?

I read an interesting article the other day that is either in Congress, or being presented to Congress, for a new bill allowing doctor assisted suicide if you are diagnosed with an incurable disease, or say a lengthy illness due to cancer that gives you a 50/50 chance to live. You can sign a form to have them put you down.

There is not much counceling about your chance to live, and once you have signed it, there is no way your family can change it if they don’t want you put to death. There are only a few days between when you sign it and your demise. Will it then be okay to discuss with the Dr. that they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars of their inheritance money for your cure? Is this the governments way of getting euthenasia legalized so in the future it will be legal to bump off old fogies that will be a financial drain on the free health care the government is wanting to dump on us? (Which has about bankrupted Canada and Britain). Will the older citizens in America be about as safe as in Hitler’s agenda? Will Dr’s. in ICU discuss your chance of a viable life durring a stroke, heart attack, or accident, and decide if you should live or die depending on your chance of being a vegetable, or greatly impaired and a drain on society due to your medical bills? But, shouldn’t we be willing to ‘give all’ as long as Big Brother Government is willing to provide for the masses? The newspapers could do away with the obits, due to financial problems of course, and no one would know how many people were dying of ‘natural causes’ each and every day.

I wonder what’s in our future? I wonder what a Socialist America will be like? It dosen’t sound good to me, but it should stop the illegal alliens because it won’t be any better a place to live than where they are now! God bless!

Marty Turner