LETTER: Just wondering

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By The Staff

I have a few more questions about the place we love:

Why was gas 13 cents cheaper in Shelbyville this morning than it was here?  (That’s 16 cents with a Wal-Mart gift card, folks!)

When a city commissioner gloats “We’re taxing people who don’t live here,” does she ever think that she’s sending that message to potential investors who don’t live here that their business isn’t welcome? Aren’t people interested in starting or relocating a business happy to go where people are anxious to penalize them by raising taxes and making up new ones?

Instead of complaining about the huge cut in our bridge project and having the state leave us the unsafe but exciting ride down Bloomfield Road, shouldn’t we be happy that Governor Beashear has millions more for the East End of Louisville?  Can’t we just look at his cuts for us and be ecstatic that we will be able to get from the Watterson Expressway to Westport Road faster if we ever want to, instead of going to the exit half a minute away?  Shouldn’t that make us happy when we fill up and think of those gas taxes we’re paying?  Shouldn’t we be glad the governor is using our taxes to help those more fortunate than we are?

Why is the high school zone speed limit 10 mph lower this year?  Is it the visibility problem from the clouds of construction dirt that isn’t sprinkled and makes our breathing such an adventure if we forget to close our vents?  Is it for the kids running across the road to McDonalds?

Why is there a crosswalk painted on the road where there’s no longer a crossing guard?  We do have one of those expensive walk/don’t walk signals at the intersection and most of the kids cross somewhere between the two anyway.

With the state’s cut in dead animal removal, how many possums per mile will be on the new road before the snow plows scrape them off?

 I was just wondering.

 Carl Fahringer