LETTER: Just wondering, again

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By The Staff

I have a few more questions about the place we love:

Why was gas 10 cents cheaper yesterday in Shelbyville than it was here? Would it still be that way today if Cricketz didn’t lead the way lowering prices around here?

Can the metro-McDonald’s area get us into that World Records book? Do we have the closest 8 stop signs in the world now? If not, do we have the 9 stop signs closest to a red light?

Is any county of similar size and income as generous as ours? Wasn’t it amazing to see how fast tags flew from the giving trees in area churches?

With the need for a third elementary school, will our school board finally consider building a school outside the Taylorsville city limits? How much transportation money can we save by putting a school in the part of the county where most of the students live? Wouldn’t poorly paid school district employees flock to a school with only one occupational tax instead of two? Since “Spencer County” and “Taylorsville” have been taken, would the board finally consider naming a school for Morrison Heady, the deaf-blind inventor, poet, and songwriter who lived in Elk Creek? Wouldn’t the story of that home-grown genius inspire our kids, especially those with disabilities?

Does any town with as few workers as Taylorsville have so many great places to have breakfast and lunch?

Do our county fathers look ahead when it comes to badly increasing traffic bottlenecks? When it took me from 6:12 to 6:29 to get to 155 on Normandy Road and then to make a left turn to go into Taylorsville this evening, where did the guy behind me sitting on his horn think I could go? Who was the nice person going south in the white van who finally let me out? How many ounces of brain cells would it take to know that a traffic signal was needed there before the approval of more subdivsions off 1169?

Will Rumpke garbage and others who tacked on a fuel surcharge when gas prices topped $3 a gallon give us a fuel rebate as they fall below $1.50?

I was just wondering.

Carl Fahringer