LETTER: Keep rallying to support Backpack Buddies

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I have to say how wonderful this community is and how you guys really come through when someone is in need. We hosted a food drive on Saturday to help support the “Backpack Buddy Program” at our local schools. This program feeds our local children, in need, over the weekend, and for every weekend until school is out.
The success of this food drive was due to the awesome support of our community, volunteers and local businesses. I would like to say thank you so much for recognizing this need and wanting to fill it.
The BackPack Buddy Program is feeding approximately 183 children at present, and the numbers continue to rise as the school year progresses.
The food drive took in 25 boxes of food items as well as $215 in monetary donations. However, the need is still great. The program lost its funding and, let me tell you, the loss was significant. I am reaching out as a concerned citizen with school-aged children, hoping that this support from the community continues for this program.
If you would like to donate food items or monetary donations please contact Kaye Lloyd and/or the Family Resource Center at 477-0199.
I would like to add that it takes $90 a school year to feed one child all year. I know this community and I know that once you read this letter that it will leave a burning desire to do more for these kiddos. We have to take care of our community and everyone in it. Let’s rally together and make a difference.
Missy Davis
Little Mount