LETTER: Lady Bear pride

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By The Staff

“1,2,3 PRIDE!” is something the Lady Bears basketball team has been saying for years. We say this because we have pride in ourselves, each other, and most importantly our team.

For years the Lady Bears basketball team has struggled to prove to everyone that we are not a joke. It has been so hard for the Lady Bears to get where we are today. The last few years we have been the laughing stock to everyone. We were always the underdogs, the ones that no one really stood behind and cheered for besides our families. The schools we played would always mess around and think playing us was just a joke and they didn’t have to take us seriously like they would other teams. But what always got me was our own community and our own fans would say negative things to us, and when we had a double header with the boys, our fans would either leave after the boy’s game, or not come until the boy’s games got started. It always seemed like they were never really there to support us.

What they didn’t know is that we worked day in and day out to become what we are today. We have worked just as hard as or harder than everyone else. We have all been playing together for 5 or more years. Not only are we just a basketball team we are family. We had amazing coaches last year that always stood behind us on and off the court. They taught us everything we know. They mean the world to us and without them I honestly don’t know what we would have done.

We have improved more than you can imagine. Last season was the start of something new; we ended our 2007 - 2008 basketball record with 13 wins and 12 losses. But what we didn’t know is that we were loosing a coach. At the end of the season our head coach was moving to Campbellsville. He had been with us through so much. Saying goodbye to Coach Dooley was the hardest thing we had to do. But that didn’t stop us.

We got a new coach named Daniel Cox. We were all a little hesitant towards him at first, but who wouldn’t be? We slowly started to warm up to him and after getting to know him we realized he wasn’t so bad.

We started working right away, we conditioned all summer long to get us ready for our 2008 - 2009 basketball season. We started our season out really strong We had our ups and downs, but we stayed strong and worked even harder.

Throughout the season, more and more people came to support us, they realized that we had worked hard and we weren’t going to be taken as a joke any longer. Teams we played finally started to take us seriously. We weren’t the laughing stock any longer. But what people were saying and thinking about us meant nothing. We weren’t playing for them. We were playing because we loved the sport. Don’t get us wrong we loved having our fans behind us supporting us and cheering us on. It was an amazing feeling to know that people started to realize what the Lady Bears were becoming.

One of our most memorable games this year was when we played Shelby County in January. We had a great game and we truly gave it our all. We battled back and forth the whole game. We played our hearts out at that game. In the end it was a disappointing loss, but we kept our heads high and continued to improve so the next time we played them, it wouldn’t happen twice.

We got another chance to play Shelby County, and this time we were going to show them what Spencer County was all about. Shelby County’s coach stated that she didn’t know what to think about us. A couple of their players also stated that they were scared to play us again. We played them February 25 in our district tournament game. On that day the Lady Bears made history. We beat the Shelby County Rockets for the first time ever in the history of Lady Bears Basketbal. Our final score for the game was 42 - 38.

It was the best feeling you could ever have. The emotions and the tears that went into that game really paid off. Since we won that game we were automatically going to regions. But before then we had one more battle to face we still had to play Anderson County that following Friday for the district championship game.

We played just as hard that game as we did against Shelby, but unfortunately we weren’t as successful, they ended up beating us 66 - 51.

The following Saturday Coach Cox went out to South Oldham to draw the team we would play in our first regional game. Our first game was against one of the best teams in our region – Simon Kenton. That team was one of the hardest teams we had to face this year. They ended up beating us 61 - 34 and knocked us out of the regional tournament.

We wish we would have made it further than what we did, but we can’t complain . We had a great season.

Everybody on the team contributed to our winning season in some way. It didn’t matter how many points you scored or how many rebounds you had, or even if you played at all. There were so many tears and emotions put into our team that it didn’t matter what anyone said or did cause in the end we were still a family.

We have three seniors this year who will be greatly missed: Kenisha Marshall, Shelby Pfeiffer and Lindsey Kempf. These three girls have been such amazing leaders. They have taught us everything they know. It is not going to be the same without them next year, but we just have to remember everything they have taught us and continue to play to the best of our abilities and to give it our all just like they did. They have put so much time and effort into our team and it is going to sad to see them go.

We just want to let them know that we love those girls and all the memories we have made on this team will never be forgotten. We also want to thank them all for everything they have done for us.

We would also like to thank all of our fans that supported us this year. You all made our games so much more exciting. It is great to know that our community was there to watch the Lady Bears make history this season.

Mackenzie Smith