LETTER: Library: 'We have been good stewards'

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By The Staff

Libraries are places where people of all ages and income levels visit and enjoy spending time. They hear, discover, and discuss new ideas, participate in programs, take home books, CDs, DVDs or just relax and read the paper. Many services are available to everyone free of charge at the Spencer County Public Library. After all, it’s “owned” by everyone in the community.

In today’s difficult economic world with revenues decreasing and utilization of services increasing, public libraries are still the centers of opportunity and learning in our communities.

Having recently completed the 2009-2010 Spencer County Public Library Annual Report, we decided to quantify some of the data for the past year so that those we serve might better understand what an important role your library plays in our community.

Your public library is a valuable asset to Spencer County and the statistics prove what those who visited the library thousands of times last year already know. In fact, had our patrons not chosen to utilize the Spencer County Public Library, their out of pocket expense would total more than $3,214,435.

In fiscal year 2009-10, there were 67,037 visitors entering the library. The library was open 2,418 hours. Our collections total 26,052 books, 1,187 audios and 3,689 videos/DVDs. Spencer County Library aspires to provide a wide range of services and materials for our patrons. Staff members are dedicated to providing quality library service.

Just a few of the services provided to our patrons last year included:

• $1,552,020 in borrowed books,

• $260,220 in reference transactions/requests,

• $1,143,420 worth of computer usage,

• $39,940 worth of children’s programming,

• $66,024 worth of genealogy/local history questions answered,

• $59,720 worth of DVD and movies borrowed,

• $55,800 worth of audio/recorded books borrowed,

• $7,604 worth of magazines read, and

• $6,497 worth of newspapers read.

In addition to the above services, the Spencer County Public Library provided some form of service to the schools and those unable to come to the library through our outreach program and will continue those services in 2010-2011.

We believe that we have been good stewards of the public money by returning to our community more than $7.21 worth of services and resources for every $1.00 collected by the library in taxes. The true value of the library services and their impact on Spencer County and our surrounding area simply cannot be calculated.

We look forward to serving your needs and those of our community in the coming years and if we can be of assistance to you give us a call at (502) 477-8137, visit our web page www.members.iglou.com/scpl”http://www.members.iglou.com/scpl or stop by the library at 168 Taylorsville Rd.

Lisa Lewis-Brown

Interim Director,

Spencer County Public Library