LETTER: Looking for justice

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By The Staff

I have a big problem and I need help. My floodwall tax is listed for 134 West Main St. When I bought the house 30 years ago, it was to be 136 West Main St. My city taxes are for 128 West Main St.

Now I get a garbage bill for four units and I only have one unit in use at this time because I am remodeling the house to try and meet the codes (which as you know change a lot).

I have talked to the people in charge for years. So, I’m asking you and the good citizens of Taylorsville to help me get some justice.

Eugene Goodlett


Editor’s note: Taylorsville City Clerk Steve Biven said that he would look into the issue of Mr. Goodlett’s addresses. As for the garbage bill, Biven said as a commercial rental property, Mr. Goodlett should be using a dumpster with Rumpke.