LETTER: Medicaid expansion to become taxpayer burden

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Was anyone moved by Gov. Steve Beshear’s alligator tears on TV as he described how President Barack Obama’s administration was going to give $800 million to Kentucky for expansion of Medicaid? Or how it was necessary to bypass the legislative process?  His performance made me reach for my wallet to make sure it was still in my pocket.
He forgot to mention that Obama gets his money from taxpayers (not the famous Obama stash). These federally financed programs all have a life, conveniently not mentioned.  When it is over, the states are expected to pick up the tab by raising revenues (read increasing Kentucky taxes). Does he think that the overall tax burden levied by the IRS against Kentucky taxpayers will be reduced by $800 million to offset the state tax increases that will be required to fund this program?  I hardly think so.
History teaches that these programs once started (remember the Great Society that was only 5 percent of the budget?) continue to expand. Does he think the program will be contained at $800 million?  If he does, he is seriously demented and further employment by Kentuckians should be terminated.

William J. Rutherford