LETTER: Minister speaks in favor of wet vote

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By The Staff

I am a minister ready to be the first minister in the area to speak for the possible wet/dry vote for the county. 

I too have strong morals and values deeply rooted in my Christian faith and beliefs along with the ministers who have spoken against the possible future vote.

The letters and articles I have read against the issue seem to say that those who are for it and/or those who drink do not have the same standards as those who choose not to drink alcohol. 

I am writing to strongly disagree.  I believe Christians can drink and still have a positive, Christian influence on others, believers and non-believers alike.  I confess that I have an occasional glass of wine, which is not surprising if you know me because I do not hide this fact. 

When I drink, I can be a positive influence because I am responsible when I drink, in the privacy of my own home or in public.  I believe we learn best when we learn through the positive influence of others. Christ, I believe, was the ultimate positive influence we can learn from and I believe that when the word of God says Jesus drank wine, he drank wine without ever over indulging.

As many others have expressed, I too have had family in my life who have abused alcohol.  That has driven me to work harder at being a positive influence on others and drink at the same time.  It can happen, it does all around us.  I just believe we would like to point out all the negative and forget the positive. 

Let me stand as a positive.  Our world is full of bad things.  I have seen many people die slow, suffocating in their own fluids because of their choice of smoking.  Drinking is not the problem, it’s the people who have the lack of a positive influence in their lives and then overindulge that is the problem. I believe our county can benefit, in time, with the sale of alcohol. 

I choose to trust those who I have voted in as my county officials to ensure that our county will not be over taken by porn shops and taverns. Alcohol doesn’t lead to all things negative. 

I respect all views concerning this issue but I, myself, have signed the petition and will vote yes to our county being wet if it comes that far.  I also think those who agree with me and are reading this are good, Christian people along with those who do not agree with me. 

Please note, my views are my views only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of my church.  I believe democracy is a gift from God and I pray we all can continue to live together even though we may disagree.

Pastor Bill Dunning

First Christian Church