LETTER: More safety measures needed at Spencer County Schools

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I write this letter trying to understand the situation at Spencer County Middle School.
Apparently, Superintendent Chuck Adams and [Board Chair] Jeanie Stevens have much education in dodging simple questions through several emails — “Why is the second half of the Todd Bonds incident still roaming the halls of SCMS?” She should be put on paid leave until Bonds’ charges are adjudicated. This gentleman (according to the Magnet — if correct) has a record of domestic abuse and drug offenses. If he would decide to strike again, where will he? He knows she works each day at SCMS.
It is my feeling the following steps need to be addressed immediately:
• Buzzer at any entry door with sign-in with ID.
• Lock on all classroom doors from inside.
• Blinds on all windows in classrooms.
• Immediately employ a bonded background checking company and check each person who has free access to a Spencer County school. This should include drug testing for the same.
• Quit talking about it and put a police officer at the doors for sign-in and sign-out. It appears for a town of 1,000 or so residents we have an abundance of police officers.
Are we going to continue talking about the above until a tragedy takes place or do something? If the above are not red flags, I don’t know what are.
Did we receive homeland security money for above? If we did what did we do with it? If not, have we applied for some?
It seems we have no problem getting action when the board can assess a non-voted tax, but topics like the above and poor test rankings get secondary attention.
Come on — Spencer County, Kentucky and the United States — we deserve better than a 25th ranking in the world on math and science scores.

George McMichael