LETTER: Much to be thankful for

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By The Staff

On Monday, November 24 the first grade classes at Taylorsville Elementary School celebrated the holiday season by reciting poems and enjoying a meal together.

The feast brought nearly 250 first grade students and their families together. Each teacher is especially grateful for their students, families and some very special people in our community that care about our school.

We would like to thank Dairy Queen, Country Mart and Kroger for making very generous contributions to our feast and all families that donated items. Two wonderful ladies from First Baptist Church cooked and served our families food alongside of several family members and friends who unselfishly gave up their evening to make this night happen for our students.

A big thank you to everyone who sliced a pie, poured a drink, carved a turkey, or countless other jobs that you did.

At Taylorsville Elementary we have so much to be thankful for and want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Kristen Martin,

Brook Issac, and

Shawna Gilbert

1st grade teachers at Taylorsville Elementary School