LETTER: No need for ‘details’ in last week’s paper

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It is with much anticipation that I look forward to reading The Spencer Magnet every week when it is delivered to our home. Unfortunately, this week’s edition was a cause for much concern on my part.
The headline of the paper was naturally an eye-catcher, but reading the entire article about the actions of a sex offender who resides in Spencer County was enough to turn one’s stomach.
I am questioning the intentions of whomever wrote the article to go into great detail about the offender’s actions. There is a term widely used when someone is accused of such acts. It is called “indecent exposure.” I doubt you would find anyone in Spencer County who doesn’t know what that means.
Did we need to read the sordid details of “how” he exposed himself?
I would hope that in the future, when dealing with such disgusting and perverted actions, we as readers don’t need to read all about it.
I appreciate your concern in this matter.

Susan McGowan