LETTER: Now that’s a burger

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By The Staff

Everyone loves a dollar burger and no-one is more excited about our county’s growth and prosperity than yours truly. I wanted to take a moment, however, to encourage you to remember a locally created cheeseburger worthy of Food Network coverage. These burgers have been hand patted into many of the hearts of our county’s finest for nine strong years. Citizens of Taylorsville, if you have not had the pleasure, please make a point to visit L & S Diner and enjoy what could be one of the nation’s premier burgers.

You might travel to the ends of the earth and not face a more difficult challenge than being able to finish the L & S burger. This double-decker mammoth appears at first glance to be an impossible feat. Not only are you taken aback by the size, you are sure to be more impressed with its quality and taste. This two-handed giant comes loaded with all the fixings, and by simply adding bacon, you can launch this already incredible sandwich into a monumental experience.

Am I being a little dramatic? Possibly! However, a day will come in which fatigue robs you of your desire to cook; that extra shift has ruined your evening or you simply feel like taking a break from both reality and the daily grind. The next time those feelings surface, I urge you to feast at a table of one of Taylorsville’s finest burger joints, L & S Diner.

Jason Cox