LETTER: Old South homeowners oppose ‘greed,’ not ‘those who need a hand up’

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As a homeowner in Old South Plantation and a newcomer to Taylorsville, I’d like to respond to Tracy DeVore’s letter to the editor in the Oct. 12 edition, defending her home in Taylorsville Place.
First, may I say how very sorry I am that she did not attend the meeting she referenced in her letter. Excerpts from a news article many times are not enough information to make wise judgments.
Though she felt the need to label the many citizens of Taylorsville who spoke at that meeting as “ignorant,” most of us were very well informed with data, statistics and experience to back up our arguments against an expansion of the current government housing.
Along with a petition signed by 79 citizens in surrounding neighborhoods who opposed the expansion, we were also provided with information by our police department, that is public record, of several police runs to Taylorsville Place in the short time it has been occupied. That does not include visits by the sheriff’s department and other law enforcement.
That said, our concern has never been about the many residents in Taylorsville Place that are hard-working, law-abiding citizens. Please understand that the good neighbors who signed that petition were not opposing those who need a hand up.
We are opposing those who do not have the best interest of Taylorsville at heart and are simply motivated by greed. Revitalization of our city, particularly Main Street and the surrounding homes, would be a great use of tax dollars. Those that have the dollars to invest in new businesses, which would bring jobs to our city, would rather continue to accrue more wealth at our expense rather than invest in their own city.
I met with the field representative for Rand Paul when she visited our city last week. She confirmed that, though Spencer County is not a poor county, Taylorsville is indeed a poor city. The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way.
As a resort community, we already have a strong draw – our beautiful Taylorsville Lake. Those with a vision and concern for our city could make a great difference in the way Taylorsville is perceived by others.
I commend DeVore for her passion in defending her home. I’d like her to know that when I walk my neighborhood in the early morning hours, I am praying for her and the residents of Taylorsville Place as well as those in Old South Plantation.
I hope she will consider channeling that passion and work with us toward the safety, protection and good of all.
Joyce Nalley
Old South Plantation