LETTER: Open to anyone searching for a job

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By The Staff

Few of us can say that we don’t know a family that is experiencing hard times due to job loss. Fortunately, we have many resources here in Spencer County to help those in need. The Chamber of Commerce has reached out to organizations in an effort to assist the unemployed in their job search. We call this united effort “JOBS” – Joint Opportunity for Building Success. On Friday there will be a FREE Jobs Readiness Fair & Seminar Expo from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Spencer Christian Church, 5720 Taylorsville Road. This is open to anyone searching for a job!

The KY Office of Employment & Training has invited available potential employers and educational providers to set up tables. Although employers are invited, we never know which ones will attend. Information will also be available regarding WIA (Workforce Investment Act) funding that is available for qualified displaced workers to pay for furthering their education. Additionally, the Life Long Learning Center, Family Resource/Youth Service Center, and the Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency will host tables to share information regarding services they provide to assist families and individuals who have been affected by job loss. 

The highlight of this Expo will be morning and afternoon seminars (10am -11:30 am or 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm) on resume writing and interview skills which will help prepare applicants for the job search process. Our local Vocational Rehabilitation office representatives, Jeannie Dugger and Jan Slaughter, along with Judy McClain, Spencer Co. High business teacher, will be presenting excellent tips for resume and interview preparation as well as job search hints. Representatives from Dress for Success – Louisville and First Impression Suit Program will also be on hand to cover what to wear to present a professional image in an interview. Some attendees will receive makeovers and be able to select professional attire to give them just the right look!

We wish to thank everyone who has embraced this project in an effort to support local residents in their job search endeavors. Thanks to Spencer Christian Church for allowing us to utilize their wonderful facility to help the community!

Susan Arnold, JOBS Chairperson


Kerry Stevenson, President, Spencer Co. Chamber of Commerce