LETTER: Outraged with highway plan

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By The Staff

I am outraged about the Hwy 44 realignment presentation yesterday!  The state highway department has come here numerous times and asked for public input and every time we – the citizens and local leaders of Taylorsville and Spencer County – have insisted sidewalks be included in the quarter of a mile from downtown to the schools.  This is in the middle of our downtown – connecting three neighborhoods, two schools and much future development to the rest of downtown.  Yet, they come back without any plans with sidewalks – and worse, they are not even planning to allow room for a future sidewalk.  The least they could have offered was an alternate plan showing sidewalks and the additional cost so we could lobby for them. 

Not everybody wants to drive a car to get around town. Look around. We have people walking, bicycling and riding scooters all over the place.  It infuriates me that they ignored and disregarded our request completely!

This is it. Once they build this road it will be unlikely we will be able to go back and add sidewalks for at least several decades. I think this is wrong. This is also poor planning. This goes against the KIPDA regional planning guide just released last year!  This must be stopped.  They are taking our bridge, which really upset me, but this is the hill I die on.  We – the citizens and local leaders of Spencer County and Taylorsville – must fight this and get this done right!


John Shircliffe