LETTER: People will always find a way to get alcohol

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By The Staff

I have a problem with people who drink and think it is okay to get behind the wheel and take everyone’s life into their own hands.   I also have a problem with those who consume alcohol and then get violent with their family and friends.  These actions are not okay with me.

However, I also have a problem when people look to the government to make the best decisions for us.   Whether or not we allow the sale of alcohol in our community, the people who want to use and abuse it will find a way to consume it.   Making the sale illegal does not fix the problem.   How many of us have a problem with the bad effects of alcohol but have done nothing to better the lives of the alcoholics we know?

Let’s make the sale legal, and maybe we can at least cut down on the number of people who get drunk and drive back into the county.


Philip Bruce